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February 15, 2022  

Understanding Audience Data and The Secret Language of Fandoms with Breana and Julia from Methods + Mastery

February 15, 2022

Creating a community of raving fans is no easy task for brands and creators. That's probably why our insight-obsessed friends at Methods + Mastery recently published this incredible research report on The Secret Language of Fandoms, which deconstructs multiple examples of raving fan communities online, and identifies a core trend among fandoms: that they are built on, and held together by complex language. Join us for this special episode as we unpack the report and how to interpret audience data, with Breana Bacon and Julia Schroeder from the Methods + Mastery research team. you can learn more about their work at knoweldgedrops.mtehodsandmastery.com 


Be sure to read the full report if you want to learn how to speak fan. For more content, episodes, and show notes make sure to check out RightMetric.co.